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Healthcare services we offer

  • “Pre-sea Medical Examinations” for prospective seafarers embarking upon a seafaring career.
  • “Periodic Medical Examinations” for established seafarers at periodic intervals during their careers to obtain a Certificate of Competency (COC).
  • “Pre-Employment Medical Examination” for established seafarers before reporting to a ship.
  • “Safe, efficacious and good quality Vaccination” such as Viral Hepatitis B Vaccine, Yellow Fever Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, MMR Vaccine, ATT Vaccine etc.
  • “Dental Examination”
  • Psychological Assessment and “Counselling on lifestyle” (limiting alcohol intake, stop smoking etc.)
  • “Medical Knowledge Sharing” (danger of communicable diseases e.g. HIV, dangers of drug and alcohol abuse)
  • “Specialist Referral” if examined with “abnormal findings”

Please be remind that it is in the best interest of Seafarers and their families to find out everything about one’s underlying health problems and cure them before it is late. After all, “Health is Wealth”.

  • White and Green Medical Centre has precedence to conduct medicals for foreign seafarers including those from the region such as from Bangladesh, Vietnam etc.
  • White and Green Medical Centre staffs are well equipped with professional experience and technical know-how to deal with clinical, psychological or occupational related problems of seafarers.
  • White and Green Medical Centre possess a state of the art Laboratory Facility to conduct laboratory tests on our own and an Audiometric Test Room to examine Seafarer’s hearing condition.
  • White and Green Medical Centre thrive to continuously improve on our day to day quality standards while adopting innovative ways to provide “first of its kind” services for our Seafarers.
  • White and Green Medical centre declares to Myanmar Seafarers

“Your Health in seafaring life is our concern”

9001:2015 Cert. No.683352

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No. 72, Ya Mon Nar 4th Street,
Ya Mon Nar Block 2,
Daw Bon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Ph. 95 9796746949,
95 9 5012434,
95 1 9190425


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